Reinier Munguia  is a Lakeland, FL based, Graphic Designer, Photographer and Illustrator with  over 20 years of experience working in-studio and independently as a freelancer. 

Reinier has been influential in building brand identities and promotional material for small businesses as well as working on advertising campaigns and digital products for major companies.

He has  wide creative background visual art and design which started with studies at University of Puerto Rico and later at the University of South Florida in Tampa, His earlier illustration work was created while working as an assistant Graphic Designer  and scientific illustrator working on special projects for publications for the biology department. 

He continue to hone his design and photography skills while working in various agencies as leading photographer and  designer for companies such as Venue Advertising, TradeLitho, Graphic Advice and Sir Speedy.  Working with these companies allowed him to gain experience working with various high-end clients such as Marriott Hotels, Jack Nicklaus, Wackenhut in various projects including direct mail,  tv advertising and outdoor advertising.  He is well versed on all types of printing technologies and the pre-press process, which guarantees your printed materials will be of the highest quality and will run smoothly through the printing process whether its a web press or an inkjet print.

After nearly 10 years in the industry he decided to start his own company to provide affordable full advertising services to clients by reducing the overhead of a studio and its infrastructure. Instead, he can provide a more focused approach to the clients needs on a one-to-one basis at a lower cost. In 2003 his new business Munguia Photography & Advertising became also a source for reduced-cost printing becoming a broker for a major printing company which allows him to provide you with affordable pricing on any of your printing needs.