Why should I chose Munguia for my next project?

At Munguia Advertising we care about your goals, we dedicate time to understand your business and work hard to meet your deadlines. When it comes to creative work, we give you the best while staying within the budget. Besides we offer you a full service from concept to final product reducing time and saving money on your project.

I need to place event ads in magazines, send mailers and publish on social media. Can your company help with that?

Yes , we will gladly do media buying for you and establish mailing services through one of our suppliers to ensure you get the best value for your money while meeting your deadlines. During the creative process we can plan for different media deployments to increase the response of the your targeted audience. As a printer broker for a major printing company with facilities in CA, KY, TX, and IN, we can ensure the best printing for your money and fast delivery times. 

Do you have an hourly rate or flat fee?

How we bill for a job will depend on the specific needs to complete the job. Things taken in consideration include time, complexity,  travel expenses, materials or outside services. The good thing is that we will always provide you with a quote prior to any work is performed.  Some standard jobs like brochure design and newsletters may be quoted at a flat rate based on the number of pages, rather than an hourly rate. This is specially true when working with catalogs and annual reports. Photography and illustration work is usually priced based on complexity. For established clients we do offer flat fee on photography projects based on previous jobs. 

How do you work the creative aspect of a project?

First, we gather as much information from the client as to what they have done before, what has worked and what hasn’t and what are their goals. As with any job, we go through in depth study of the specific market to determine the best approach. This is done by reviewing other companies with the same needs, what they have done and their success. Once we cover some of the basic questions then the creative process begin with the goal to separate your company from the rest, by means of more professional looking materials, soothing and effective color palette and a more focused marketing path. 

How do you deliver your final products?

Shipping of final products such as printed materials or signage is usually done by UPS. Any other non-material services are delivered via our cloud based client’s portal. Each client is assigned an account and a storage space where all files would be uploaded. All products whether photos, brochures, logos or illustrations can be accessed by our clients 24/7.  The Client’s portal is also a way to collaborate and approve projects.

How do your clients find you?

We don’t advertise much. Most of our clients are the result of word-of-mouth and referrals from our satisfied customers. This is important to us, because it provides a fairly steady client base while keeping our cost down, which in turns save money to our clients. We